Evacuation Center/Covered court, Mondragon, N. Samar, Philippines

One of our work DESIGN and BUILD services as per an agreement between the Local Government Unit of Mondragon Northern Samar, Philippines. This evacuation center is also covered court was designed to withstand or to resist WiND SPEED up to 280 kilometers per hour. During the typhoon, Nona which had 230 kilometers per hour sustained wind speed that occurred on December 14, 2015.

covered court2

Front view and corner elevation


Covered court

Front View



Side View

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Report: Saudi King Abdullah ‘Clinically Dead’, Iran Views Death As Sign Of Mahdi’s Imminent Arrival … And Armageddon

Is this true?

MidnightWatcher's Blogspot

If true, keep an eye open to see how Iran reacts to the news. According to a recent Islamic end-times documentary produced by the Iranian government, the Ayatollahs believe that the death of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah will be a major sign indicating that the destruction of Israel and arrival of the Mahdi are imminent …

By Chana Ya’ar, INN – “The king of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, is clinically dead, reports the daily Al-Sharq il-Awsat.

His reported brain death occurred following complicated back surgery that took place in Riyadh on November 17 at the National Guard’s King Abdulaziz Medical City, according to the report, and the king’s aides claimed he is in good health.

Nevertheless, medical sources told the newspaper the monarch’s condition was ‘expected to change soon.’

Abdullah has been upon the throne since 2005. The crown has passed down through a line of sons since…

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